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山友社是一非牟利户外活動團體,主要舉辦登山活動, 帶大眾走近和認識大自然;鼓勵運動,增強身心健康。為增加活動趣味性,每次參加登山活動之後,每人將獲發一枚設計精美的郵票作紀念。當年集郵最多的龍虎榜名單將在年底公佈,以作表揚。2012年新社規:活動費用一概豁免, 請點擊About Us關於我們
電話: (718)913-4220
電郵: info@nature-you.org
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Esther Loh20枚郵票
Wendy Leung18枚郵票
Hon Shing Leung18枚郵票
Rose Liu17枚郵票
Jian Hua Yip17枚郵票
Chung Kwong Lee14枚郵票
Kok Chew Hew14枚郵票
Hank Chan13枚郵票
Anthony Chou12枚郵票
Emily Lai12枚郵票
Ken Chan12枚郵票
Mary Louie11枚郵票
Robert Louie10枚郵票
Chew Bian Hew10枚郵票
Magdalene Ho10枚郵票
Grace Wong9枚郵票
Simon Chan9枚郵票
Joe Chan8枚郵票
Lina Li8枚郵票
Yuki Chiang8枚郵票
Albert Kwan7枚郵票
Emily Li7枚郵票
Lydia Lee7枚郵票
Max Chen6枚郵票
Masa Ma6枚郵票
Raymond Yu6枚郵票
Karen Wong5枚郵票
Jennifer Chen5枚郵票
Michael Kwan5枚郵票

Jian Hua Yip46 枚郵票
Esther Loh44 枚郵票
Rose Liu40 枚郵票
Kok Chew Hew40 枚郵票
Hon Shing Leung40 枚郵票
Wendy Leung39 枚郵票
Mary Louie36 枚郵票
Robert Louie35 枚郵票
Masa Ma34 枚郵票
Chung Kwong Lee32 枚郵票
Chew Bian Hew27 枚郵票
Grace Wong26 枚郵票
Simon Chan25 枚郵票
Maggie Xie19 枚郵票
Anthony Chou18 枚郵票
Qing Song18 枚郵票
Joe Chan18 枚郵票
Lina Li18 枚郵票
Emily Lai17 枚郵票
Ken Chan17 枚郵票
Karen Wong14 枚郵票
Yong Mei Du14 枚郵票
Adam Ying13 枚郵票
Calvin Cao13 枚郵票
Max Chen12 枚郵票
Magdalene Ho12 枚郵票
Jennifer Chen12 枚郵票
James Wang12 枚郵票
Joe Chou11 枚郵票

Esther Loh38 枚郵票
Rose Liu35 枚郵票
Chung Kwong Lee35 枚郵票
Anthony Chou31 枚郵票
Kok Chew Hew31 枚郵票
Adam Ying28 枚郵票
Qing Song23 枚郵票
Mary Louie22 枚郵票
Robert Louie22 枚郵票
Max Chen21 枚郵票
Masa Ma21 枚郵票
Chew Bian Hew20 枚郵票
Joe Chan18 枚郵票
Harry Chen17 枚郵票
Simon Chan16 枚郵票
Magdalene Ho14 枚郵票
Emily Lai13 枚郵票
Ken Chan13 枚郵票
Jian Hua Yip13 枚郵票
Joe Chou12 枚郵票
Karen Wong12 枚郵票
Ray Ray Chou12 枚郵票
Bryan Sinn12 枚郵票
Leon Chou11 枚郵票
Jack Wu11 枚郵票
Grace Wong10 枚郵票
Stanley Xue10 枚郵票
Bao Gang Cai10 枚郵票

Esther Loh 37枚郵票
Chung Kwong Lee 34枚郵票
Rose Liu 32枚郵票
Kok Chew Hew 27枚郵票
Chew Bian Hew 25枚郵票
Anthony Chou 25枚郵票
Mary Louie 23枚郵票
Robert Louie 23枚郵票
Joe Chou 21枚郵票
Harry Chen 20枚郵票
Bao Gang Cai 19枚郵票
Sophia Chiu 16枚郵票
Qing Song 16枚郵票
Masa Ma 15枚郵票
Max Chen 14枚郵票
Simon Chan 14枚郵票
Kaichiao Lin 13枚郵票
Dawn Cheng 12枚郵票
Magdalene Ho 11枚郵票
Karen Wong 11枚郵票
Jennifer Chen 11枚郵票
Sam Yu 11枚郵票
Philip Wu 10枚郵票

Rose Liu 41 枚郵票
Esther Loh 41 枚郵票
Chung Kwong Lee 35 枚郵票
Philip Wu 31 枚郵票
Dawn Cheng 30 枚郵票
Joe Chou 29 枚郵票
Simon Chan 25 枚郵票
Masa Ma 23 枚郵票
Anthony Chou 22 枚郵票
Harry Chen 21 枚郵票
Jennifer Chen 21 枚郵票
BaoGong Cai 20 枚郵票
Moon Zheng 19 枚郵票
Janet Tan 18 枚郵票
Magdalene Ho 17 枚郵票
Max Chen 16 枚郵票
Karen Wong 15 枚郵票
Kaichiao Lin 15 枚郵票
Vivian Lin 14 枚郵票
Sophia Chiu 14 枚郵票
Clara Yu 12 枚郵票
Susie Ling 12 枚郵票
Mary Louie 11 枚郵票
Robert Louie 11 枚郵票
Fei Bin Hao 10 枚郵票
Kok Chew Hew 10 枚郵票

Moon Zheng 44 枚郵票
Rose Liu 42 枚郵票
Philip Wu 42 枚郵票
Esther Loh 37 枚郵票
Chung Kwong Lee 31 枚郵票
Simon Chan 24 枚郵票
Max Chen 21 枚郵票
Dawn Cheng 18 枚郵票
Chen Wu 17 枚郵票
Jennifer Chen 16 枚郵票
Anthony Chou 15 枚郵票
Clara Yu 15 枚郵票
Susie Ling 14 枚郵票
Joe Chou 14 枚郵票
Vivian Lin 13 枚郵票
Magdalene Ho 11 枚郵票
Sam Yu 11 枚郵票
Yvonne Mok 11 枚郵票
Ken Chan 10 枚郵票
Emily Lai 10 枚郵票

Rose Liu43 枚郵票
Moon Zheng37 枚郵票
Esther Loh26 枚郵票
Ping Kwok 24 枚郵票
Simon Chan 20 枚郵票
Philip Wu 20 枚郵票
Chung Kwong Lee 16 枚郵票
Max Chen 15 枚郵票
Harry Chen 15 枚郵票
David Wu 13 枚郵票
Joe Pang 11 枚郵票
Karen Wong 10 枚郵票

Moon Zheng 40 枚郵票
Dodo Liew 26 枚郵票
Ken Chan 24 枚郵票
Emily Lai 24 枚郵票
Eric Tam 21 枚郵票
Chung Kwong Lee 18 枚郵票
Jennifer Chen 18 枚郵票
Esther Loh 16 枚郵票
Janet Tan 15 枚郵票
Sean Kung 14 枚郵票
Helen Xiao 13 枚郵票
Danny Wu 13 枚郵票
Feng Chen 12 枚郵票
Yat Wong 12 枚郵票
Warren Hsu 11 枚郵票
Karen Wong 10 枚郵票

2007年山友社曾安排了51項活動,其中4項可惜因天氣不佳取消,1項 (六月的BBQ)沒有發出郵票。請點擊2007年全年46項活動的所有郵票。 2007年山友社共帶領大家走了281哩,想統計你走了多少嗎?請點擊2007年 各項活動哩程
Moon Zheng 25 枚郵票
Jessica Lee 20 枚郵票
Yim Li Cheung 18 枚郵票
Kelly Guo 17 枚郵票
Jessica Wong 14 枚郵票
Tom Dou 13 枚郵票
Aliena Ng 13 枚郵票
Karen Wong 13 枚郵票
Miu Lan Lee 11 枚郵票
Ken Chan 10 枚郵票
Chris Hu 10 枚郵票
Pei Pei Hu 10 枚郵票
Emily Lai 10 枚郵票
Joe Lee 10 枚郵票
Dodo Liew 10 枚郵票
2015 New York Fall Foliage Report

To encourage more participation, there is no more activity fee in 2015.
“Nature” and “You” in all 50 trips in 2014, please click here.
“Nature” and “You” in all 43 trips in 2013, please click here.
“Nature” and “You” in all 41 trips in 2012, please click here.
“Nature” and “You” in all 48 trips in 2011, please click here.
“Nature” and “You” in all 52 trips in 2010, please click here.

旅程後記 - 10/04/2015
金榜題名: Super Windy Cold Day
Robert, “I guess the flat trail at the beginning is only the appetizer of today’s hiking trip, there must be some steep slopes at the end.”

Kok Chew, “There are a lot of viewpoints after lunch that likely we have to spend another 3 hours on photo taking.”

Hank, “I have made a lot of good shots for many hikers but no one takes pictures for me.”

Mary, “Today’s trip without up and downhill slope is perfect for me.”

Elena, “How can Michael walk on these rocky trail liked walking on the flat surface?”

Max, “This is such a pretty place that I would like to come back again sooner or later.”

Esther, “I think we are 2 weeks early in order to see the fall foliage in this area.”

Jian Hua, “I almost miss the high rise viewpoint again liked last year.”

Michael, “Anyone wants a picture that people will think that you are climbing up and sitting on the roof?”

Hon Shing, “I have many caps in my car but just no wool hat at all for hiking under such a super windy cold day.”

Rose, “The picture will be more perfect if Vivian can help throwing some stones into the water to create some radiate wave lines.”
High Point State Park
High Point Monument
Lake Merci
哩程進賬: 5 miles
Calvin, Hank, Max, Elena, Jennifer, Teresa, Bruce, QiYun, Kok Chew, Hon Shing, Wendy, Lina, Vivian, Rose, Esther, Mary, Robert, Lucia, Michael, Grace, Jian Hua, Yuki, Sophia
Blue Sky

旅程後記 - 09/26/2015
金榜題名: Zuki, the Assistant Leader
Chung Kwong, “I come so late not because of any health problem but only taking photos with Rose and Esther at the back.”

Ken, “The new technology in mobile phone makes me change my mind of improving my camera equipment but only buying additional lens for the phone.”

Paula, “I sign up twice before but today is my first trip with Nature You this year.”

Michael, “Zuki is very alert to know the position of me to make sure she will be in the front of the team only after me.”

Robert, “In order to compensate for the cut short of mileage, I suggest we should jog back to the cars along the auto road to increase the exercise level.”

Lucia, “It is my first hiking trip so I likely have to buy more equipment for my next trip.”

Rose, “I am going to charge the Club $10 for printing these 10 hiking maps for the group.”

Esther, “Please take a photo for me when I am playing stick with Zuki because she will jump high to catch it.”

Grace, “This is my first trip of using this newly bought cheap camera.”

Mary, “If you have to count the votes for taking short cut, please count 1 vote from LeRoy whom I can represent him.”
Car Pond Mtn
Parker Cabin Mtn
哩程進賬: 4 miles
Ken, Max, Paula, Chew Bian, Kok Chew, Emily, Chung Kwong, Lydia, Hon Shing, Wendy, Rose, Esther, Lina, Mary, Robert, Lucia, Michael, Grace, Karen, Jian Hua, Clara, Raymond, Zuki (doggie), LeRoy (doggie)
Blue Sky

旅程後記 - 09/20/2015
金榜題名: Anniversary Trip at Same Trail
Hank, “Today is my anniversary because my first trip with Nature You is September of last year and also coming Storm King.”

Jian Hua, “After hiking the whole journey, I think this is the only tree with red leaves.”

Kok Chew, “The title of this picture is 3 muscle men in the mountain.”

Rose, “The group picture on the trail but under the sunshine spot is also a good one even we are not at the viewpoint.”

Yuki, “I learn so many good outing places for my family after hiking with Nature You.”

Qing, “The steep uphill slopes in the morning are a very good exercise so I decide to pick a shorter trail to go back to the parking lot.”

Joe, “Don’t worry for my stay at the back for 10 minutes because I only take a longer break to handle a regular personal necessity.”

Grace, “When Michael says we only finish 3 miles, my phone shows we have already hiked 4.5 miles.”

Michael, “This is an excellent hiking day as the weather is cool and comfortable.”

Esther, “After a complete searching of the summit, I finally find a small spot with shade for me to sit for lunch.”
Storm King State Park
Stillman Spring
Butter Hill
哩程進賬: 5 miles
Hank, Joe, Yuki, Kok Chew, Lina, Rose, Esther, Qing, Michael, Grace, Jian Hua
Blue Sky

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8th anniversary
On October 11 十月十一日 (星期日), we will go Sam’s Pont Preserve for a 9 Miles Level C or 12 Miles Level D trip. Sam’s Point is one of the prettiest places to see fall foliage without going too far into New England. We will hike 12 miles covering Ice Caves, Badlands, High Point and Indian Rock. Shorter version is possible by skipping Ice Caves and Indian Rock. A lot of cliff view over the area. Up and down totally only about 200 feet. Carpool and parking fee is $25.
基於保護大家安全, 請使用:
  • Clothing: No cotton, polyester (quick dry material) preferred.
  • Pants: loose or old jeans.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Hiking pole.
  • Socks: 2 pairs: thin linen for sweat absorption and thick cotton socks.
  • Shoes: Sneakers or hiking boots preferred.
  • Backpack.
  • Lunch, snacks, fruits & drinks: Suggested 2 liters of water or energetic drinks.
  • Personal medicine or depending drugs.
  • Camera, mobile phone and money.
  • Sunglasses, suntan lotion.
  • Sitting pad.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Light jacket.
  • Raincoat
  • Extra set of dry clothing including socks.
山羊座鬥士 (她運動因子極強,無論跑步或爬山皆健步如飛,絕對是一隻無角的山羊)$50
雙魚座鬥士 (他們两人一剛一柔,一是咸水魚,另一是淡水魚,正好互補不足)$100
天秤座鬥士 (他們四男四女又名毅行八子,八人如何分坐天秤兩邊而取得平衡,費殺思量)$270
獅子座鬥士 (他們一家形神俱似獅子家庭,兩夫婦亦經常帶同兒子出遊)$100
雙子座鬥士 (他們二人有影皆雙,仿如雙生兒般你中有我、我中有你)$50
水瓶座鬥士 (水瓶蓄水能種花養魚,澤被四方。正如他們夫妻倆亦都在社會福利界工作,惠及僑眾)$60
白羊座鬥士 (十二星座中唯一有顏色的星座,而他對顏色的運用亦素有研究,萬紫千紅最終亦歸於一片留白)$25
射手座鬥士 (史上最强神射手,莫過於射下九日的后羿,而他因工作或私務需要亦已遊遍紐約芳鄰九州)$50
處女座鬥士 (她是曾經管理過八百壯士的女廠商,想必是一位處變不驚的女强人)$50
金牛座鬥士 (金牛座的由來是眾神之神宙斯變身白牛去嬴得美人歸。這鬥士與妻子都是運動世家,身體壯健如牛,登山15哩或球類運動數小時都沒有難度。)$100
天蠍座鬥士 (她體能不差常走在隊前,多年來的出席率都是每年少於10次,每次登山後都說又要歇一歇了。對上一次登山是去年5月,她果真能達到天天都在歇息的境界)$100
2014 年名單如下:
毅行者v.3 CLER2K2Y型號 (較第二代毅行者熒屏拉長擴濶為八人,可更全面幅蓋上下左右和前後遠近八個方位,是出外旅遊或節慶活動時必備良伴)$225
晨光第二綫 (今年未能佔到頭位,退居第二綫。但他揚言今年誓要打破家族數百年來爬山次數最多的紀錄,雖是第二綫陽光,也可以光宗耀祖)$60
銘春山友服務中心外展隊 (秉承中心傳統繼續為山友提供吃喝玩樂服務,外展隊更重力提供山上或山腳膳食到會服務。一啖熱湯或一口西瓜,叫人感到人間友情)$80
迷行者 (全名迷途知返毅行者。她原本屬意參加毅行者八人組,但各人組隊時她卻不知所踪,沒有表示,至令錯過機會,現惟有站在旁邊)$50
仲夏之爛柯樵 (盛夏中登爛柯山打柴的樵夫。這位登爛柯山砍柴而領悟到世事滄海桑田的道理的名人樵夫駕臨山友社,本社自當大開中門相迎)$30
潛行追擊 (他們通常以踱步和肅靜的方式爬山,除了沒有俯伏在地上之外,與特種部隊潛行的速度相若。因為大部份時間留在隊末,每次行程從開始到結束都是在追、追和追)$60
東西南北和 (他們是二人組合但卻揉合東西南北四個方位。他們來自廣東廣西和接受東西方不同的教育,但他們談話時不會講東講西也不會亂吃東西;他們分別來自珠江南北岸,雖然母語是南轅北轍但話題卻又可以天南地北)$50
逍遙二仙 (他倆早年住在秋景如仙境般的上卅鄉鎮,近年才落户紐約市。由於兩人現已處於半退休和全退休狀態,出外旅遊享受逍遙快活已成為生活中重中之重的組成部份。估計一年之中有三分一時間不在家留宿)$50
迷路的主人 (他縱橫紐約數十年,打遍紐約各華人登山隊門派,現落户山友社。由於他有一次迷路獨個兒走進一條20年內沒有華人登山隊走過的山徑內,在先入為主的原則下,他算是擁有一條個人山徑的路主)$25
遊樂人生 (他對吃喝玩樂都有很高要求,貨比三家是不在話下。除了價廉物美之外,亦要店譽良好。由於經驗及資料都豐富,他是大家購物資訊中心。因為他工作時間具彈性,他是可以做到24小時候命隨時出發外出旅遊的)$50
一姐 (她去年五月才首次參加山友社活動,全年只出席六次,未能入榜。今年在1月11日就參加第一次爬山,但卻也是今年至今唯一的一次。能否上榜,一字記之曰 "!" )$30
光明使者 (希臘神話中普羅米修斯Prometheus為人類偷天火,讓人間有了温暖和光明。這兩位光明使者合法為民眾點燈,為大家帶來希望和歡樂)$100
2013 年名單如下:
晨光前第一綫 (還未到2013就率先贊助,看到了第一綫的陽光)$50
阿旺 (名字有王有日,得名阿旺)$75
美版PSY (他跳江南style應比阿旺更有節奏感及神似)$30
毅行者v.2 TREK型號 (較第一代毅行者型號更為小巧精緻,只有四人,內含陰陽雙核心處理器,能更快更準衍生宇宙萬物)$130
雲泥哥 (他思考如天馬行空、似行雲流水;辦事卻實牙實齒、不拖泥帶水,我冠其網名為雲泥哥,想必能與當年犀利哥齊名)$125
新風塵三俠 (他們為三人組合,報名參加爬山時雖未致於必定三人同行,但在旅途中必定是三位一睇)$80
大叮噹與小叮噹 (一家四口,兩位大叮噹恩恩愛愛,兩位小叮噹討人喜愛)$100
銘春山友服務中心 (無論在天災人禍、壽筵喜慶、過時過節或隨心即興都開放場地,歡迎山友們到訪、吃喝、嬉戲和留宿的志願機構)$80
毅行者v.2 型號補充版 (此君較其他毅行山友遲起步,所以要差不多到年終才追及與隊友會合)$50
貓貓W (常言貓有九命,她每次爬山到終點時都舒一口氣說又活了一次)$50
力王與力后 (他們是三朝元老,舉凡爬山、宿營、拍照,尤其聚餐會都見到他們的身影,他們是實力和食力兼備的一對)$50
2012 年名單如下:
龍兄 (年齡比我長,又是第一位捐助者,所以得坐龍椅。)$25
虎弟 (年齡比我輕,是第二位捐助者,所以得加冕為虎。)$30
毅行者 (女子五人組合。自選代號,我無從發揮。)$130
蘇Good (她不姓蘇,也沒鬍鬚;只因名字同音和愛看Show。)$25
天山雙英 (住在山頂豪宅區的兩位義勇群英。)$60
Sweet 26 (她今年已非26歲,但她對26這數字情有獨鍾。)$85
EA Group (某間公司付出的捐助,可惜山友社不能助它省稅。)$150
喜羊羊 (她是一位時常笑口常開的素食主義者。)$50
3 Guys (他們父子三人,但做父親的不似父親而做兒子的不像兒子。)$105
雨中康乃馨 (此捐助在下雨中的母親節活動當天完成交接。)$50

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